Rank Processing Information

The PDF forms on this page cannot be submitted online.  You will need to fill them out, print them, and mail them to the Processing Clerk.

Quick Reference for Yudansha Applications

Instructions for Examinations within the US  Shodan - Yondan

Instructions for Examinations outside of the US  Shodan- Yondan

Instructions for the Dojo Cho

Shodan / Nidan Application

Sandan / Yondan Application

Recommendation Rank Information

Instructions for Recommendation Ranks: Godan and above

Godan/Rokudan Application

Document Replacement Form

CAA Kyu Certificate

Yudansha Book Pages

Please direct rank payment and processing questions to the Processing Clerk. All other questions should be directed to your Division Head.

You can pay for rank processing fees here, using a credit card through PayPal.


Names of Applicants