Candidate Statements

These are statements by the two candidates for President of the California Aikido Association. All yudansha in the CAA are eligible to vote. Ballots will be posted by June 1st, 2018 and must be received by August 23, 2018. Voting will also occur at the CAA friendship training Sunday August 26, 2018.


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I am honored to be nominated by Danielle Smith (7th dan, Aikido of Monterey) to be the next CAA president.

I have been practicing under Robert Nadeau (8th dan, CAA Division 3 Head) since 1999, first in Mountain View and then at City Aikido of San Francisco (where I have been one of the senior instructors since 2005). Before living in California, I trained extensively in Japan at Hombu Dojo in Tokyo and at the Kumano Juku Dojo in Shingu, as well as at the Bond Street Dojo in New York City. A fuller description of my Aikido lineage can be found online in the CAA’s “Spotlight On” archives from 2008: 01f5313b/1477882238201/Lherr.pdf

Outside the dojo, I have held senior management positions at four medium-sized Silicon Valley technology companies. I am currently the president of Pacific Interface Inc., an independent consulting company, and also serve on the board of directors of CineGrid, a non-profit international community of media and technology researchers.

I greatly value the CAA as an organization and as a community. I am grateful for the many training sessions shared over the years with CAA friends in the greater Bay Area where I live. And I also recognize the CAA has grown into a diverse association of affiliated teachers and dojos, with members now in 21 states and 14 countries.

I believe my Aikido and business backgrounds would help me to support the forward movement of the CAA as president during the next four years, especially if we were to host teaching visits by senior instructors from Japan. (I served as the interpreter for Ueshiba Moriteru Doshu when he came from Hombu Dojo to teach in Oakland in 2004, and for Hikitsuchi Michio (10th dan, Kumano Juku Dojo) when he traveled across America teaching in 1978.) 

If elected, I will strive to assist the Division Heads accomplish their goals for the future of the organization. And I will endeavor to serve all CAA members from all states, all countries, and all three Divisions to the best of my ability. I ask for your vote. 

Laurin Herr, 6th Dan


To the CAA Membership

The CAA, and its predecessor, have supported my Aikido training and the evolution of Aikido Northwest dojo for decades. For this I am deeply grateful.

I believe that the CAA is a unique organization in the Aikido world with its heart centered approach to training, teaching, and organizational structure. For that I am proud to be a member, and feel “at home” and amongst family with you all.

Aikido has become a world art, and in that I believe the CAA has an important contribution to make to the arts evolution. For that I feel a desire to be involved and humbly do my part in that process.

Aikido is of central importance in my life. I am indebted to the founders and leaders of the CAA for the work they have done in our behalf, and desire to make my contribution in an attempt to demonstrate my thanks.

If you choose me to be your President, these will be the things that will direct my actions.


Craig Fife, 6th Dan